'To aid orphans and widows in their distress'

—James: 1:27

SAFE-UK is a UK registered educational charity that supports rural communities in Malawi.

We believe that education is a right for all children and is the main way for them to break free from the cycle of extreme poverty, by gaining qualifications that will boost their chances of finding employment

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Our work


CBCC news

Alfred, a local carpenter, made 24 little chairs, 3 tables and 2 bookcases for Kapitikusya CBCC. Many thanks to those who gave finacial donations at Christmas for this to be possible. Now the children can be grown up and sit at tables when they are drawubng their pictures!

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Martin Chikumba

Martin Chikumba is delighted that a sponsor has been found so that he can attend Zomba Catholic School. Martin's mother is still alive but gives him no support and his father died when he was 8 years old. He has been raised by his Gogo, who is a subsistence farmer, and the other Gogos from Kachere contributed to…

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Gogo Abiti Mwenye

This gogo from Kachere is nearly blind and her house needs a new roof before the storms come. Fortunately a kind supporter of SAFE-UK made an anonymous donation which will cover the costs of the corrugated iron sheets. The community will provide the labour.

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Nsungwi has Water!

Thanks to the generosity of a sponsor, Nsungwi CBCC now has water direct to the Community Based Child Care Centre. This means that the caregivers don't have to spend time and energy collecting 10 buckets of water water from a water source a good 10 minutes walk from the CBCC along tracks through the fields!

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