'To aid orphans and widows in their distress'

—James: 1:27

SAFE-UK is a UK registered educational charity that supports rural communities in Malawi.

We believe that education is a right for all children and is the main way for them to break free from the cycle of extreme poverty, by gaining qualifications that will boost their chances of finding employment

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Our work


Solar Lamps

Thanks to the generosity of a US sponsor all the secondary school students in SAFE communities have received a solar lamp. The bursary students are REALLY grateful, especially now that there’s a major problem with electricity. At Moira's home in Zomba they regularly have no power for 24+ hours, and then power…

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School sponsorship

Francis Pendame is 21. He has no guardian and no siblings. His mother died soon after his birth and he has never known his father. His grandmother, Alice Pendame, died soon after she was given a blanket by SAFE-UK in 2012. She left him her house, where he lives alone. He survives…

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Christmas is Coming!

SAFE-UK is once again selling Christmas puddings in aid of supporting the two Community Based Child Care Centres in Kachere, Malawi, where about 200 pre-school children receive a daily education and a free meal. Each 1lb pudding, which serves 4,…

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