'To aid orphans and widows in their distress'

—James: 1:27

SAFE-UK is a UK registered educational charity that supports rural communities in Malawi.

We believe that education is a right for all children and is the main way for them to break free from the cycle of extreme poverty, by gaining qualifications that will boost their chances of finding employment

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Our work


Sewing Machines

Cathy Cheonga , the Regional Director of SAFE, collected the sewing machines and other goods sent out by container from UK thanks to a contact with Birmingham Diocese.

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SAFE-Life Youth

Cathy Cheonga ( centre 2nd row with white headscarf) with the youth and some of the young mothers of Kachere at a meeting of the SAFE=Life youth club with the young mothers to discuss a business plan to generate income for the community.

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Moira Chimombo retires

On July 2nd, after 10 years as Executive Director of SAFE in Malawi, Moira Chimombo has passed on the baton of leadership to Happy Makala. On the same day that Moira retired and Happy began his duties as SAFE's Execuitive Director, Dick Day's body was laid to rest in Makungula village where Charlotte began the first…

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