'To aid orphans and widows in their distress'

—James: 1:27

SAFE-UK is a UK registered educational charity that supports rural communities in Malawi.

We believe that education is a right for all children and is the main way for them to break free from the cycle of extreme poverty, by gaining qualifications that will boost their chances of finding employment

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Our work


Compost making

Beatrice Kambalame, one of the gogos trained in Foundations for Farming has been at Khadziko village in Kachere teaching the villagers to make compost manure

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Compost making

Melesiya Chauwa, Blandina M’manga and Beatrice Kambalame have been trained in Foundations for farming. Now they are teaching, supervising and encouraging the gogos and all the people in the community in growing their crops using composting methods rather than relying on fertiliser, as well as applying other conservation agriculture…

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