Our Mission

SAFE-UK was founded in 2010 by Tara Wright. SAFE-UK is a UK registered educational charity supporting a Malawian non-governmental organization, Sub-Saharan Africa Family Enrichment (SAFE), which was founded in 1993 to address the HIV&AIDS epidemic in Malawi through education and impact mitigation.

SAFE-UK currently supports Kachere Community Based organisation (CBO) a rural community about 4 miles from Zomba in Malawi. SAFE-UK believes that education is a right for all children and is the main way for them to break free from the cycle of extreme poverty, by gaining qualifications that will boost their chances of finding employment.

 SAFE-UK currently provides support for:

  • Secondary school sponsorship for about 20 students from Kachere
  • Allowances for 8 Caregivers at the two CBCC's who teach pre-school children early learning skills, ensuring brain development
  • Allowances for the 4 cooks for a pre-school feeding program, ensuring that children eat a nutritious porridge every weekday, to support their brain development.
  • Gogos (grandparents) who look after AIDS orphans, by supplying blankets, mosquito nets, and fertilizer to ensure adequate crops.
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A second community-based childcare centre (CBCC) called Nsungwi was opened in 2014. Nsungwi means Bamboo as the CBCC used to meet under the bamboo growing nearby. A study conducted in 2005 in one of SAFE’s other communities in Malawi provided evidence that children who attended such an early childhood education centre had a 75% chance of being promoted in primary school, by comparison with less than 40% chance for those children that did not attend a pre-school.

A CBCC is a simple sheltered building which provides a place for schooling, income-generating activities, homework clubs and meetings.

SAFE-UK is directly related to SAFE ( Sub Saharan African Family Enrichment) which provides support for twelve  CBO's in rural communities in Malawi. SAFE's  ultimate objective would be to strengthen relationships with the Malawian people to help them better their lives and ultimately themselves sustain the rural communities that they live in.