Bamboo in Zomba

assets/images/uploaded/Giant Bamboo growing in Zomba.jpg

The majority of households in Malawi use firewood or charcoal for cooking and heating, but current charcoal production is unsustainable and puts heavy strain on forest reserves in the country. By utilizing local, fast growing bamboo, the…

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SAFE-UK helps deaf pupil

assets/images/uploaded/Shaibu 1.25.jpg

Shaibu Lamusi, a student at Masongola, was advised by the special needs teacher that he needed a low-powered hearing aid for his left ear. SAFE-UK was able to provide the finance so that he could get the hearing aid straight away rather than have to wait for other funding.

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Need for knickers appeal

assets/images/uploaded/9 Moira and Tiffany distributing knickers.jpg

One of the things that touched our hearts while visiting Malawi was to learn why the girls fall behind the boys in attainment in school; the reason is a simple lack of knickers and sanitary protection. In primary school it is not uncommon…

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CBCC at Samuel Makoka

assets/images/uploaded/CBCC at Samuel Makoka.JPG

A funding application has been successful to build a community-based childcare centre (CBCC) within the rural community of Samuel Makoka, where pre-school children are currently taught under a…

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