Maize growing in the fields at Kachere using Foundations for Farming. The gogos are thanking God that the crops were spared from major damage from the heavy rains, and the winds have not been too bad. Generally, the maize crops in the Zomba area are doing well and are looking very promising for a bumper harvest this year.

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Joseph Chikoko

Joseph Chikoko is very excited as he has been accepted by Catholic University to pursue a Diploma in Humanities. He passed his MSCE 5 years ago and has since been serving in the Police Force.

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Back packs

Michael Charles and Gift Adamu, students from Kachere, studying at Mulunguzi secondary school, were delighted to receive back packs. The donor was the grandson of an old friend of Steve Chimombo ( Moira's husband).

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Shaibu Lamusi

When I met Shaibu Lamusi at Masongola I was immediately impressed. He had problems with his hearing and in addition to SAFE-UK sponsoring him through secondary school we also provided the necessary funds so that he could get hearing aids. He is now a bursar at Living Waters Academy.

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Exam Success

Ethel and Bridget on the left and Shalom, 4th from the right and Veronica 3rd from the right have all been sponsored by SAFE-UK through Mulunguzi. They are celebrating passing their MSCE (Malawian Secondary Certificate in Education).

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Compost making

Beatrice Kambalame, one of the gogos trained in Foundations for Farming has been at Khadziko village in Kachere teaching the villagers to make compost manure

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