Feeding CBCC children

Safe staff member, Timaleni Biswick, encouraging the parents of the 5 year old children, who attend the CBCC, to give porridge, that has been supplied by SAFE, to their children before sending them to the CBCC.

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Bamboo progress

A one-day workshop was held at the beginning of November to train people from 11 villages of Kachere‚Äôs Community Based Organisation, with the 2 lead farmers Beatrice Kambalame and Melesiya Chauwa, in the planting of bamboo. Here Dennis Kayambazinthu ( foreground…

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Likuni Phala

During the pandemic the CBCC's were closed and the children were not able to get their daily meal. They were each given 12 kg of Likuni Phala to take home so they could still be fed.

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Sewing the masks

Bornwell Hassan starts to sew a sample for the first mask. Ivy Chipatangwe who was sponsored by SAFE-UK to train as a tailor is watching.

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Fertiliser for Kachere

A 50kg bag of chicken droppings is dipped in a drum full of water. The bag remains soaking in the water for 21 days. The bag is then removed. The remaining water has now formed into urea. This is mixed with 9 drums of water making liquid fertiliser and is ready to be applied to the maize and other crops.

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Chicken Manure

600 bags of chicken droppings were delivered to Kachere.

It will be used to make compost manure.

Many thanks to SAFE staff Timaleni Biswick and Ben Khoswe for enabling this to happen.

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