SAFE-UK is currently supporting Kachere CBO ( Community Based Organisation), a rural community about 4 miles from Zomba, in Malawi. It provides:

  • An allowance for the Community Based Coordinator of Kachere, Mary Kankwatira.
  • Fees for over 20 secondary school pupils
  • Allowances for the 8 caregivers and 4 cooks based at the two Community Based Child Care Centres within Kachere, where over 150 pre-school children are taught early learning skills and receive a daily nutritious meal ensuring brain stimulation and development.
  • Underwear particularly for the girls to prevent them dropping out of school
  • Support for the 200 Gogos (grandparents) who look after AIDS orphans, by supplying blankets, mosquito nets, and fertilizer to ensure adequate crops.
  • Micro-finance and income-generating initiatives

Need for knickers campaign

Distributing knickers in Naming'azi

Some of the Gogos are caring for grandchildren at primary schools. One of the reasons girls drop out of school is that they have no underwear, so it is embarrassing for them to stand up, from sitting on the floor, to answer questions in class. Here, Moira Chimombo (ED…

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Sponsor a Gogo with a blanket

assets/images/uploaded/5.Delight at blankets.JPG

The blankets help to protect the gogos against the cold in the winter, when temperatures can go down as low as 2°C at night! You can see the joy this gift has brought to them!

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