In Malawi, and many African countries in the Sub-Saharan region, "gogo" is the local word for grandmother/grandfather. Gogo grandmothers are the poorest of the poor (80 percent live in rural areas). They have lost their adult children who traditionally were to be their "social security", providing for them in their old age. Now, they have their orphaned grandchildren to raise, feed, educate and love. At the end of 2009 St James' Thorley raised enough money to give each of the 200 gogos of Kachere a Christmas present of sugar, soap, salt and fertiliser (see above). Since then SAFE-UK has provided annual fertiliser for the gogos which has increased the yield of their maize so they can feed their families. Each gogo has also received a mosquito net and a blanket from SAFE-UK.

Gogos at their monthly meeting at Kachere in 2016

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