Pre/Primary school

Each village has a CBCC (Community Based Child-care Centre) which cares for the pre-school orphans and other vulnerable children.The ECD (Early Childhood Developement) programme includes child protection, nutrition, education, health and survival, HIV&AIDS, sanitation and hygiene, water issues, dignity, and equality. When Jon and Holly, Tara's son and his fiancée came out to Malawi in 2012 they realised that the villagers at Samuel Makoka met under a tree. When Jon returned to UK he was able to secure funding for a CBCC through a contact of his employer. .

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Each of the pre-school children at the CBCC (Community Based Child-Care Centre) receives a daily meal of porridge made of maize flour and ground peanuts. The maize for the prorridge is donated by the gogos from their previous year's harvest, thus ensuring the long term sustainability of the feeding programme.

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